Sand Dune Blues

Kel Taerok - 03/04/13

The oasis has dried up in this new settlement. No oasis, means no settlement, means no jobs. I might as well pack it up and travel with them until they find a new place. They will probably need someone to do odd jobs once we get there.

Bandits, just like the ones that destroyed my home. Me and this gnome killed a bunch of them, but a couple got away. It looks like I will have to keep honing my skills.

This gnome is riding a wolf and is always shouting things. He is a bit odd, but at least he can hold his own. He managed to save the Oracle before the Bandits made off with him.

I am pretty sure they are going to want me to stick around until after they find their new oasis.

Fitzwith Lumenforge

It’s been nearly a a full week since I set out from Cronnenberg on my travels at the request of Lady Blizlip. By the luck of the Lady I happened across a human settlement. At first they seemed ill equipped to travel the desert the way they are, but sheer necessity has forced them to become nomads, at least until they can find another Oasis and form a new settlement. They’re methods are odd, but they were kind enough to allow Tofty and I shelter in their central tent. While not the glamorous accommodations of Cronnenberg, it’s fair better than being blasted by sand throughout the night.

During my stay at the makeshift village, a group of raiders attacked the settlement from the east. Tofty charged them nobly, as expected, and their fear of my lance showed as they kept fleeing towards the human creatures and dying at their hands rather than mine. One human in particular stood out as a formidable warrior. Many of the raiders died in his presence. Surely he stands above the rest of his counterparts.

Two raiders were even so cowardly as try and avoid combat by approaching from the south western edge towards the Human Oracles tent, attempting to avoid the fight all together. Why the raiders would be interested in this feeble human is beyond my understanding, but my oath is to protect. As my lance found the chest of the first raider, his counterpart fled back into the desert.

A few horses were caught as the raiders were cut down. Perhaps these can be of use to the settlement.

Kel Taerok - 03/11/13

We were asked by the captain of the guard to go off in search of the bandits. He thanked us for our assistance for protecting the eastern flank of the camp and we were allowed to keep any of spoils from the bandits we killed. It ended up being quite the sum for a day’s work. The settlement has agreed to tend the extra horses and keep our extra equipment safe during our journey.

An archer by the name of Faruq has joined the gnome and I in the search for the bandits. Our trip was interrupted by a pack of scorpions. It didn’t take long for us dispatch the creatures, though one did cut me quite badly.

After a few more hours of travel, we rested for the evening. Faruq doesn’t seem to be handling the heat very well. I spent some time practicing with my bardiche and believe I have figured out how to shorten the grip. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Shayla - Of all the Luck 3/18/13

Figures. My father told me not to leave home on my own. What happens on my first excursion to find work as a scout? I get jumped by bandits. Robbed, and tied up outside their tent to die. Odd, I’m usually rather good at being unseen.

There I sat, sure I would be done in soon, when a large gentleman and a gnome on a small mount attacked the camp. At least they gave enough of a distraction that I could work the bonds loose. I grabbed my weapons and stabbed that jerk a few times.

I would have left the survivors out to die like they left me, but I suppose the information we gained when we brought him back to the Oracle was interesting. He seemed like he was telling the truth, at any rate.

So, we’re off to find out why the oasis are all drying up. Might as well. There won’t be any jobs guiding caravans if there isn’t any place for hundreds of miles around for them to go.

Kel Taerok - 03/18/13

After a few more hours of travel, we discovered the bandit’s camp. With no other viable option, we charged in. It didn’t take long for us to being cutting down the unskilled bandits. Their leader moved forward and left an opening for me. I put him on the ground.

As the leader fell, the last bandit through down his weapon and surrendered to us. It was at this moment that some lady slit the throat of the bandit leader.

After some brief introductions, I began loading up extra equipment onto the horses. While I did that we discussed what to do with the bandit. Given our few options, it was decided by the gnome that we would take him back with us to meet the Oracle.

We caught up with the settlement rather quickly. Once there the bandit was questioned by the oracle. It was discovered that the settlement’s water supply wasn’t the only one to dry up and that is why the bandits were attacking. We were then tasked with investigating the former oasis for any information regarding them drying up.

Kel Taerok - 03/25/13

We arrived at the Oasis. It looks much different with everyone gone. We did some investigating and I heard a noise coming from down a tunnel where the water used to be. Inside we found an elf being attacked by some rats. We made quick work of them. We looked around and found that the cave system went deeper. We waited while the elf tended his wounds.

Deeper into the caves we were surprised by some scorpions. They were able to take down the elf, but we subdued them quickly afterwards. Fitzwith finally figure out where we had gone and decided to join us. After the elf tended the scout’s wounds, I made it a point to lead the group through the rest of the cave.

Not much further in and we encountered plant people. They attacked us with claws and short spears made of vines. They were, however, no match for us and were quickly dispatched. Upon further investigation we believe we found the source of the issue. It appears this plant matter is blocking the water from filling up the Oasis as it always has. While the scout and I examined the plant matter, Fitzwith’s wolf found a dead kobold. Among the kobold’s possessions there was a map, there must be a clue here.

Shayla - No Like 4/1/13

I do not like that condescending elf jerk we picked up. I just know he is going to be trouble. He’s all the sort of people I left to get away from. Traditional Know-it-alls. And how did he know anyway, that’s a thick scarf on my head.

Pity he didn’t drown when the oasis surged back, but you can’t have everything. If he keeps suggesting how to do things ‘correctly’ it may be time for one of us to ‘move on.’

But at least the water is back. Maybe the Oracle will be extra grateful.

Kel Taerok - 04/01/13

We spent a bit of time looking for solutions. We already knew the answer. The plant was preventing the water from flowing. We attempted to cut away at the the vegetation and pierce the lining that held back the water, but it was for naught. I examined the walls to see if there was a way to we could dig around the blockade, but the stone was too thick and I had no tools.

It was then that Shayla noted the flasks contained a strong acid. We all moved back to the entrance, except Gavin, as he volunteered to use the acid to break apart the plant. I would have volunteered had he not done so, so quickly. The waters blasted him quickly towards the exit, and he was battered quite badly from the rush of water.

We spent the next few hours before sun up, beginning the long clean up process. We will not have time to finish it, but we also did not have time to reach the group before sunup. I found a necklace with a tiger face on it. It seems a simple decoration, but I have kept it for now.

Map & Go

We were heading back to the village when we met them coming towards the oasis we unblocked. We continued back with them and explained what we found blocking the spring that fed the oasis.

The Oracle claimed to know nothing. Funny, I usually believe them. They have a gift, right? Wisdom to be respected? I’m not sure why the ranting of a crazed fanatic somehow sounded not only possible, but plausible.

So I guess I am going with Kel and Fitz to check on the originals of the kobold who passed trying to clear the oases. At least that obnoxious elf is gone. They aren’t so bad, seemed to react to obnoxious dude well. I may even take my headscarf off eventually.

Kel Taerok - 04/08/13

We awoke to large birds in the oasis. We moved quickly to dispatch them, however, one managed to escape. Gavin decided to stay behind while the rest of us headed north to meet back up with settlement group.

We met up with the Oracle to let everyone know about the water in the oasis. We discussed the map, but there was little information that the Oracle could give us. The closest thing we have for a lead is the dead kobold. We determined that if we are to figure out what happened that we need to speak with them.

The blacksmith was able to give us improved weapons and armor in thanks for our help returning the oasis. Additionally, he said that if we were able to recover some metal from the dwarves that he would make some armor from it for me. Once we have finished with the Kobolds we are going to head there.

And so we headed east.


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