Sand Dune Blues

Kel Taerok - 03/11/13

We were asked by the captain of the guard to go off in search of the bandits. He thanked us for our assistance for protecting the eastern flank of the camp and we were allowed to keep any of spoils from the bandits we killed. It ended up being quite the sum for a day’s work. The settlement has agreed to tend the extra horses and keep our extra equipment safe during our journey.

An archer by the name of Faruq has joined the gnome and I in the search for the bandits. Our trip was interrupted by a pack of scorpions. It didn’t take long for us dispatch the creatures, though one did cut me quite badly.

After a few more hours of travel, we rested for the evening. Faruq doesn’t seem to be handling the heat very well. I spent some time practicing with my bardiche and believe I have figured out how to shorten the grip. We shall see what tomorrow brings.

Fitzwith Lumenforge

It’s been nearly a a full week since I set out from Cronnenberg on my travels at the request of Lady Blizlip. By the luck of the Lady I happened across a human settlement. At first they seemed ill equipped to travel the desert the way they are, but sheer necessity has forced them to become nomads, at least until they can find another Oasis and form a new settlement. They’re methods are odd, but they were kind enough to allow Tofty and I shelter in their central tent. While not the glamorous accommodations of Cronnenberg, it’s fair better than being blasted by sand throughout the night.

During my stay at the makeshift village, a group of raiders attacked the settlement from the east. Tofty charged them nobly, as expected, and their fear of my lance showed as they kept fleeing towards the human creatures and dying at their hands rather than mine. One human in particular stood out as a formidable warrior. Many of the raiders died in his presence. Surely he stands above the rest of his counterparts.

Two raiders were even so cowardly as try and avoid combat by approaching from the south western edge towards the Human Oracles tent, attempting to avoid the fight all together. Why the raiders would be interested in this feeble human is beyond my understanding, but my oath is to protect. As my lance found the chest of the first raider, his counterpart fled back into the desert.

A few horses were caught as the raiders were cut down. Perhaps these can be of use to the settlement.

Kel Taerok - 03/04/13

The oasis has dried up in this new settlement. No oasis, means no settlement, means no jobs. I might as well pack it up and travel with them until they find a new place. They will probably need someone to do odd jobs once we get there.

Bandits, just like the ones that destroyed my home. Me and this gnome killed a bunch of them, but a couple got away. It looks like I will have to keep honing my skills.

This gnome is riding a wolf and is always shouting things. He is a bit odd, but at least he can hold his own. He managed to save the Oracle before the Bandits made off with him.

I am pretty sure they are going to want me to stick around until after they find their new oasis.


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