Sand Dune Blues

Shayla - Of all the Luck 3/18/13

Figures. My father told me not to leave home on my own. What happens on my first excursion to find work as a scout? I get jumped by bandits. Robbed, and tied up outside their tent to die. Odd, I’m usually rather good at being unseen.

There I sat, sure I would be done in soon, when a large gentleman and a gnome on a small mount attacked the camp. At least they gave enough of a distraction that I could work the bonds loose. I grabbed my weapons and stabbed that jerk a few times.

I would have left the survivors out to die like they left me, but I suppose the information we gained when we brought him back to the Oracle was interesting. He seemed like he was telling the truth, at any rate.

So, we’re off to find out why the oasis are all drying up. Might as well. There won’t be any jobs guiding caravans if there isn’t any place for hundreds of miles around for them to go.



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