Sand Dune Blues

Kel Taerok - 06/17/13

We were beaten and battered from the battle, but we could hear movement just north of us. Shayla scurried up the ridge to look. Three more of the plant creatures. I suggested moving on, but it wouldn’t do any good, the Ankheg would be seen. So we decided to lure them in.

They didn’t expect my reach. We cut them down. Ahead of us was a cart full of seeds and as we approached, two more of the plant creatures were grabbing seeds. They attempted to run away, but we slaughtered them as well. I gathered the seeds and brought them to our cart.

Zazo explained that we should not know the way to his home. There was a bit of arguing about it, but eventually Shayla was able to keep a small slit in her bag so she could see. Then we were off once more.



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