Sand Dune Blues

Kel Taerok - 06/03/13

We saved the blue kobold, Zazo, and headed towards his home, lots of gear in tow. Hopefully we can make some gold selling it. However, this evening he informs us that we need to capture an Ankheg or we shouldn’t bother going.

Luckily enough, a couple hours later, one decides to try to ambush us. Shayla and I notice it before it surfaces. It doesn’t take us long to knock it unconscious. Its not often that I have used the shaft of my bardiche to render someone, or in this case something, unconscious. Once it was down, Zazo had me tie a harness using silk rope that Noah had with him. After that we all worked together to break its spirit. It had to know that it belonged to us. It took some time, but we were able to do it. And with that, we were headed east again.

The terrain got more rocky as we started to get into the foothills of the Kobold lands. This was expected. The plant people, however, were not. They jumped us before we could react, seemingly coming out of the rocks. I was able to drop the two that attacked me, but Shayla wasn’t as lucky. They moved quick and attacked hard. They had her on both sides. Zazo and Noah assisted her, but she still fell. I moved over to assist them and was able to put them to the ground as well.

Zazo destroyed what was left of the bodies and that is when Shayla heard something moving to the east.



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