Sand Dune Blues

Kel Taerok - 04/15/13


Everywhere we go there are more scorpions. They must thrive on passing nomads or those exiled from settlements. They spring out of the ground catching even trained warriors by surprise. We have fought many of them in the past week. This evening was no different.

We were running low on water so we headed for an oasis on the way to the Koblods. As we approached the oasis we were hailed by a nomad. He informed us the oasis had been overrun by dire rhea. We agreed to clear them out.

We were able to draw the birds away one at a time for the most part. One of the rhea stood out from the rest, its claws and beak we surrounded by flame. When we finally killed it the flame receded. We decided we would take its feathers as they may be worth something.

I spent some time gathering eggs and the meat from the rhea. The nomads thanked us and we had a feast. They gave me a token to let other nomads know that we are friends.



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