Sand Dune Blues

Kel Taerok - 04/08/13

We awoke to large birds in the oasis. We moved quickly to dispatch them, however, one managed to escape. Gavin decided to stay behind while the rest of us headed north to meet back up with settlement group.

We met up with the Oracle to let everyone know about the water in the oasis. We discussed the map, but there was little information that the Oracle could give us. The closest thing we have for a lead is the dead kobold. We determined that if we are to figure out what happened that we need to speak with them.

The blacksmith was able to give us improved weapons and armor in thanks for our help returning the oasis. Additionally, he said that if we were able to recover some metal from the dwarves that he would make some armor from it for me. Once we have finished with the Kobolds we are going to head there.

And so we headed east.



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