Sand Dune Blues

Kel Taerok - 04/01/13

We spent a bit of time looking for solutions. We already knew the answer. The plant was preventing the water from flowing. We attempted to cut away at the the vegetation and pierce the lining that held back the water, but it was for naught. I examined the walls to see if there was a way to we could dig around the blockade, but the stone was too thick and I had no tools.

It was then that Shayla noted the flasks contained a strong acid. We all moved back to the entrance, except Gavin, as he volunteered to use the acid to break apart the plant. I would have volunteered had he not done so, so quickly. The waters blasted him quickly towards the exit, and he was battered quite badly from the rush of water.

We spent the next few hours before sun up, beginning the long clean up process. We will not have time to finish it, but we also did not have time to reach the group before sunup. I found a necklace with a tiger face on it. It seems a simple decoration, but I have kept it for now.



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