Sand Dune Blues

Kel Taerok - 03/25/13

We arrived at the Oasis. It looks much different with everyone gone. We did some investigating and I heard a noise coming from down a tunnel where the water used to be. Inside we found an elf being attacked by some rats. We made quick work of them. We looked around and found that the cave system went deeper. We waited while the elf tended his wounds.

Deeper into the caves we were surprised by some scorpions. They were able to take down the elf, but we subdued them quickly afterwards. Fitzwith finally figure out where we had gone and decided to join us. After the elf tended the scout’s wounds, I made it a point to lead the group through the rest of the cave.

Not much further in and we encountered plant people. They attacked us with claws and short spears made of vines. They were, however, no match for us and were quickly dispatched. Upon further investigation we believe we found the source of the issue. It appears this plant matter is blocking the water from filling up the Oasis as it always has. While the scout and I examined the plant matter, Fitzwith’s wolf found a dead kobold. Among the kobold’s possessions there was a map, there must be a clue here.



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